Another small NGCD-Demo..

..this time with a zoom-lens, it's called 'We love Alice'!


  • AIO-package (just one small binary *.PRG ~300Kb)
  • PAL/NTSC-support

Runs fine on real hardware (of course), MAME (perfect emulation), Nebula is ok (slightly out of sync), NeoCD/SDL partially (runs fine but no zoom-lens!?), FB Alpha partially (runs fine but no sound!?), Neoraine failed completely (crashes on start because of DMA-uploads).

Download (fixed version - no more annoying sound clicks)


DIFF v1.1

I updated our demo 'DIFF' to v1.1

  • updated screen-mode (no more tearing, uses less resources)
  • change pixelmapping on-the-fly with button D
  • glow-effect much faster/smoother

Citavia - 'DIFF' (Final).zip (v1.1)


DIFF - new NGCD-Demo..

Here is it, our new NGCD-Demo... this time 'DIFF'erent because we use a special screenmode to show you some effects you never expected on this Platform. Check text-file... everything is real, no Animation!


Runs fine on real hardware (of course), MAME (perfect emulation), Nebula is ok (slightly out of sync), NeoCD/SDL partially (wrong border-color, slightly out of sync, crashes on last 3D-scene), FB Alpha partially (slightly out of sync, no sound), Neoraine failed completely (crashes on start). (Youtube & Download)

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