Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year 2017

The start of every new year brings you closer and closer to your dreams and aspirations. May this be the breakthrough year that your dreams finally become a reality - Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year 2017!

Warning: heavy usage of IRQ2, no other emulator than MAME can handle this!

undefined (NeoGeoCD) Updated! (NeoSD/MVS) Updated!


UPDATE#1: fix to remove flickering background in MAME

UPDATE#2: added another sinus to banner

Another small NGCD-Demo..

..this time with a zoom-lens, it's called 'We love Alice'!


  • AIO-package (just one small binary *.PRG ~300Kb)
  • PAL/NTSC-support

Runs fine on real hardware (of course), MAME (perfect emulation), Nebula is ok (slightly out of sync), NeoCD/SDL partially (runs fine but no zoom-lens!?), FB Alpha partially (runs fine but no sound!?), Neoraine failed completely (crashes on start because of DMA-uploads).

Download (fixed version - no more annoying sound clicks)


DIFF v1.1

I updated our demo 'DIFF' to v1.1

  • updated screen-mode (no more tearing, uses less resources)
  • change pixelmapping on-the-fly with button D
  • glow-effect much faster/smoother

Citavia - 'DIFF' (Final).zip (v1.1)


DIFF - new NGCD-Demo..

Here is it, our new NGCD-Demo... this time 'DIFF'erent because we use a special screenmode to show you some effects you never expected on this Platform. Check text-file... everything is real, no Animation!


Runs fine on real hardware (of course), MAME (perfect emulation), Nebula is ok (slightly out of sync), NeoCD/SDL partially (wrong border-color, slightly out of sync, crashes on last 3D-scene), FB Alpha partially (slightly out of sync, no sound), Neoraine failed completely (crashes on start). (Youtube & Download)

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