NGFX Soundbuilder

What will Santa bring you this Year?

I bring you the next part of my NeoGeo related NGFX-toolchain.

When I started the development of 'BlutEngel2' I used NeoSoundBilder from NeoBitz but I came across some problems - it was not compatible with my NeoGeoCD-AIO-files. After research and help from some people, I was able to develop my own Z80 driver which covered ADPCM-A, ADPCM-B & CDDA-playback.

The GUI (inspired by NeoBitz) has caused me more headache than the z80 part... but now it seems ready for release!

Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!


CRC32 F23F6B1E
MD5 7af2745d8cbe98b25f058f313dfd5f0b
SHA1 4cb33791508d4f1ae7c5bf604c404de878f1ac29

3 types of Z80 suported:

  • CART (16MB mixed ADPCM-A & -B)
  • NGCD (1MB ADPCM-A) & up to 98 CDDA-Tracks

ADPCM-A Properties:

  • Channel 1-5 'round robin' like 'NeoBitz Neo Sound Builder'
  • Channel 6 BGM & BGM looped like 'NeoBitz Neo Sound Builder'
  • Volume per Sample (0-100%)
  • Panning per Sample (Left/Center/Right)

ADPCM-B Properties:

  • Loop
  • Panning (Left/Center/Right)
  • Frequency

CDDA Properties:

  • Loop


  • 0x11 ADPCM_STOP
  • 0x12 ADPCMA_STOP
  • 0x13 ADPCMB_STOP
  • 0x15 ADPCM_MUTE
  • 0x16 ADPCM_DEC_VOL
  • 0x17 ADPCM_INC_VOL
  • 0x19 ADPCM_FADE_IN
  • 0x1d CDDA_STOP
  • 0x1e CDDA_PAUSE
  • 0x1f CDDA_RESUME


  • WAV (8 & 16BIT / Mono & Stereo)
  • NAS ('Neo Audio Sample' but I call it 'Neo adpcm-A Sample')
  • NBS ('Neo adpcm-B Sample)


  • WAV (16Bit Mono, Frequency depends on SampleType)
  • NAS
  • NBS


  • NSL (NeoBitz Neo Sound Library)
  • NSL (NGFX, includes all new Features) <- autodetect


  • NSL (NeoBitz Neo Sound Library, but you will loose new Features)
  • NSL (NGFX, Standard)

other Features:

  • Z80 64 entry FIFO memory
  • autosize/autotrim ADPCM-A & -B (256b-1MB / 256b-16MB)
  • Bank autoselection
  • Eyecatcher command (0x02) available (+64KB Mono Or +128KB Stereo)
  • outputs C-File & ASM-File
  • full Drag'n'drop support (NSL, WAV, NAS, NBS)
  • plays all samples incl. loop, volume & panning
  • plays CDDA from CD-Drive If available

Special Thanks To:

  • Jeff Kurtz (Idea & Concept 'Neo Sound Builder')
  • freem (Examplesources & Docs)
  • Furrtek (Examplesources)
  • Fred/FRONT
  • To all wiki-contributors

NGFX GraphicsEditor

A small fix/update:

  • changed from weighted to Euclidean color distance
  • 'Match..'-option changed from checkbox to button
  • palette sorting per Drag'n'Drop is always enabled

NGFX 1.171006

CRC32 4E4164E4
MD5 931351ee228fd05e2a0f05a9334262ed
SHA1 201152f5cdc9935fe70399c98d579d6fb543c635

NGFX GraphicsEditor

Because of a Feature Request, here comes a new version of NGFX:

  • small typo fixed
  • Palette in 'import image' is now vertical
  • new option in import image: Macth current Palette


NGFX 1.171005

CRC32 2E251F5
MD5 6d017f052832c9a529f5471c51e1028c
SHA1 4c17efefd7e5d978059fe4e552872765e1101bbc


Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year 2017

The start of every new year brings you closer and closer to your dreams and aspirations. May this be the breakthrough year that your dreams finally become a reality - Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year 2017!

Warning: heavy usage of IRQ2, no other emulator than MAME can handle this!

undefined (NeoGeoCD) Updated! (NeoSD/MVS) Updated!


UPDATE#1: fix to remove flickering background in MAME

UPDATE#2: added another sinus to banner

Another small NGCD-Demo..

..this time with a zoom-lens, it's called 'We love Alice'!


  • AIO-package (just one small binary *.PRG ~300Kb)
  • PAL/NTSC-support

Runs fine on real hardware (of course), MAME (perfect emulation), Nebula is ok (slightly out of sync), NeoCD/SDL partially (runs fine but no zoom-lens!?), FB Alpha partially (runs fine but no sound!?), Neoraine failed completely (crashes on start because of DMA-uploads).

Download (fixed version - no more annoying sound clicks)


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