Does anyone remember my first game for the NeoGeo? It was called NEO*NO*PANEPON, later I ported an extended version under the name NEO*PUZZLE*LEAGUE to the NeoGeoCD which was also very unfinished.

To finally finish the last stand of the project and to publish a full-fledged game I started my own page on

My first post is a short video about the current status of 'ネオのパネポン 2 - SunnyLand Edition' (NEO*NO*PANEPON*2 with the subtitle 'SunnyLand Edition' because of the great graphic-pack I use).

I hope for many interested supporters... please spread this news.


BlutEngel 2018 Fix

Originally developed for NeoGeoCD... but the cart version had some bugs because of the missing possibility to test it fast and cheap on real hardware... after 12 years (and thanks to NeoSD)... finally the MVS/AES-fix.

  • greenish graphic fixed
  • Sound now works 
  • only available as *.neo file (neoSD), extract the original files if you want them.


CRC32 D2C40244
MD5 a1eeca5fac3e1e0f8f50be12b5282caf
SHA1 a3888dd1ff9168339afa58f7823c4944043678e0

NGFX Soundbuilder

I wrote 2 simple programs for myself (I will release the source code occasionally) to test and stress the z80 driver a bit more intensively than would be possible with a game..... I have to keep working on it because the fade-out routine is anything but perfect.


I still think it's a shame that you can't run this monster-rom (16MB + 16MB) on real HW... MAME has proven that it works.



YM2610 NoPCM 32MB?

HPMAN has suggested an option for the NGFX SoundBuilder to use the full address space of the YM2610 (16MB ADPCM-A + 16MB ADPCM-B). At the moment there is no way to run this on real hardware (because no commercial game or flashcard supports this) but a test with NeoSD has shown that the theory is correct, NoPCM 8MB+8MB works without any problem. MAME can use the full 32MB.

So show me a feasible way how to run this on real hardware and I will enable this option!



NGFX Soundbuilder

Here comes the next small (and hopefully last) fix release. Many thanks to Neohomebrew for the extensive feedback.

NGFX SoundBuilder 0.180519

CRC32 C66B9CF3
MD5   8ad19523c2dfd8a93687a3a1d44dda6a
SHA1  ac1098fe807823736f4b752cca696cdc6c2203b6


  • ADPCM-B Volume (was to low)
  • some 'clicks' when too many sounds were played
  • many other (small) fixes

NGFX Soundbuilder

No big changes, fixes mostly some little bugs & typos, Z80 & NSL unchanged.

NGFX SoundBuilder 0.180213

CRC32 B1151443
MD5 f2f7c76af7045e59be7c5ce48a7e101d
SHA1 10de822d7b09453a8156c1b202669e28e490bb84
  • Damper ist set to 16 (instead 32)
  • Z80 (typ & size) from *.nsl
  • 8bit sample handling
  • some typos in *.h


  • new options: move sample to top/bottom, duplicate sample
  • identical samples will not be added twice to the V/PCM-roms

NGFX Soundbuilder

What will Santa bring you this Year?

I bring you the next part of my NeoGeo related NGFX-toolchain.

When I started the development of 'BlutEngel2' I used NeoSoundBilder from NeoBitz but I came across some problems - it was not compatible with my NeoGeoCD-AIO-files. After research and help from some people, I was able to develop my own Z80 driver which covered ADPCM-A, ADPCM-B & CDDA-playback.

The GUI (inspired by NeoBitz) has caused me more headache than the z80 part... but now it seems ready for release!

Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!


CRC32 F23F6B1E
MD5 7af2745d8cbe98b25f058f313dfd5f0b
SHA1 4cb33791508d4f1ae7c5bf604c404de878f1ac29

3 types of Z80 suported:

  • CART (16MB mixed ADPCM-A & -B)
  • NGCD (1MB ADPCM-A) & up to 98 CDDA-Tracks

ADPCM-A Properties:

  • Channel 1-5 'round robin' like 'NeoBitz Neo Sound Builder'
  • Channel 6 BGM & BGM looped like 'NeoBitz Neo Sound Builder'
  • Volume per Sample (0-100%)
  • Panning per Sample (Left/Center/Right)

ADPCM-B Properties:

  • Loop
  • Panning (Left/Center/Right)
  • Frequency

CDDA Properties:

  • Loop


  • 0x11 ADPCM_STOP
  • 0x12 ADPCMA_STOP
  • 0x13 ADPCMB_STOP
  • 0x15 ADPCM_MUTE
  • 0x16 ADPCM_DEC_VOL
  • 0x17 ADPCM_INC_VOL
  • 0x19 ADPCM_FADE_IN
  • 0x1d CDDA_STOP
  • 0x1e CDDA_PAUSE
  • 0x1f CDDA_RESUME


  • WAV (8 & 16BIT / Mono & Stereo)
  • NAS ('Neo Audio Sample' but I call it 'Neo adpcm-A Sample')
  • NBS ('Neo adpcm-B Sample)


  • WAV (16Bit Mono, Frequency depends on SampleType)
  • NAS
  • NBS


  • NSL (NeoBitz Neo Sound Library)
  • NSL (NGFX, includes all new Features) <- autodetect


  • NSL (NeoBitz Neo Sound Library, but you will loose new Features)
  • NSL (NGFX, Standard)

other Features:

  • Z80 64 entry FIFO memory
  • autosize/autotrim ADPCM-A & -B (256b-1MB / 256b-16MB)
  • Bank autoselection
  • Eyecatcher command (0x02) available (+64KB Mono Or +128KB Stereo)
  • outputs C-File & ASM-File
  • full Drag'n'drop support (NSL, WAV, NAS, NBS)
  • plays all samples incl. loop, volume & panning
  • plays CDDA from CD-Drive If available

Special Thanks To:

  • Jeff Kurtz (Idea & Concept 'Neo Sound Builder')
  • freem (Examplesources & Docs)
  • Furrtek (Examplesources)
  • Fred/FRONT
  • To all wiki-contributors
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