Does anyone remember my first game for the NeoGeo? It was called NEO*NO*PANEPON, later I ported an extended version under the name NEO*PUZZLE*LEAGUE to the NeoGeoCD which was also very unfinished.

To finally finish the last stand of the project and to publish a full-fledged game I started my own page on

My first post is a short video about the current status of 'ネオのパネポン 2 - SunnyLand Edition' (NEO*NO*PANEPON*2 with the subtitle 'SunnyLand Edition' because of the great graphic-pack I use).

I hope for many interested supporters... please spread this news.


NGFX Soundbuilder

I wrote 2 simple programs for myself (I will release the source code occasionally) to test and stress the z80 driver a bit more intensively than would be possible with a game..... I have to keep working on it because the fade-out routine is anything but perfect.


I still think it's a shame that you can't run this monster-rom (16MB + 16MB) on real HW... MAME has proven that it works.



NGFX - status..

Because of requests I have added following features:

  • Pixel-cursor
  • import images of any colordepth (PNG/BMP/JPG/GIF)
  • Undo-support



Something I'm working on..

In all these years I wrote different viewers, editors & converters - now I throw everything together and it seems working well! :-)

  • PaintShop-like GUI
  • full drag&drop support (drop any suported file to open)
  • "open with.." support (just click a supported file to open with NGFX)
  • each window has its own palette, editor included
  • drop saved palette (32byte bin) to selected window to change colors
  • copy content from one window to another
  • export and import content as 16color (indexed) bitmap (*.bmp)
  • multilanguage
  • ..

supported files:

  • NeogeoCD.spr (open, edit, save, save as Neogeo.c*)
  • Neogeo.c* (open, edit, save, save as NeoeoCD.spr)
  • Neogeo/NeogeoCD.s1 (open, edit, save)
  • NeogeoCD 'TITLE_*.SYS' (open, edit, save)
  • NeogeoCD 'LOGO_*.PRG' (open and animate)



Because of this question and this wiki-page I have done some tests with MAME & real hardware, modifying VRAM-buffer to change spriteorder while drawing is possible but it have to be done every scanline (depending if even or odd) and it's very slow... not usable ingame!