Flappy Chicken... another small updated flapping in


If I haven't missed any bugs then this release is close to final:

  • Fixed a bug in the competition mode.
  • Changed the menu (AES/NGCD) and added a new option.
  • With the new menuitem 'border on/off' the border (recommended by SNK) can be disabled. This also expands the playfield to the complete 320pixel.
  • Pause mode for AES & NGCD added, press [SELECT].
  • All buttons (A to D) can now be used in the game to flap (suggestion from Mega Shocked), this way you don't wear out A on your controller.


Another forgotten Techdemo


Here comes a special version of the famous tetris theme.

I created this more than 10 years ago but cancelled it when I realized that this solution to create the playfield wastes too many sprites and therefore no 2 player mode is possible. It is completely playable and also too good to be lost!



Something fresh... something new!

In the last months I don't find much time to work on bigger projects or to continue working on started ones but in the past I have worked on some game ideas... one of these concepts I want to share with you because it's too good to be lost.


- super smooth, 50fps, no tearing
- some popping tiles in the border area which can probably be avoided by clever level design or optimization
- no car physics or collision detection, I was only interested in the look and feel, not the playability
- the tiles have a size of 32x32 pixel and the map currently is made of 128x128 tiles... this results in a map size of 4096x4096pixel.

If i remember correctly, the technical side is pretty simple once you figure out how to organize everything.




NGFX Soundbuilder ReAdd

- added 'ADPCM_MUTE' & 'ADPCM_SET_MAX_VOL' [NeoHomeBrew]
- added 'NAME ARRAY' [NeoHomeBrew]
- added 16MB VSize option for PCM & MaxPCM [totologic]
- added 'CDDA_STOP' in Z80 Startup because most comercial games forces an Z80Reset when dealing with 'USER_REQUEST' & Co.


NGFX Soundbuilder

Due to several requests, here come a new build with the 32mb option enabled. These changes only apply to the GUI, the Z80 core remains unchanged. Furthermore I added some text about the license/usage of the data generated by the NGFX soundbuilder.

No other changes!



Another Intro for NGCD..

..in just 3494Bytes, it's called "Subspecies unfinished"

- just one lopped effect
- variable 3d model
- deep shaded lines
- lights
- particles
- simple sound-engine
- should run on Top- and Frontloader but not on CDZ




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