Another forgotten Techdemo


Here comes a special version of the famous tetris theme.

I created this more than 10 years ago but cancelled it when I realized that this solution to create the playfield wastes too many sprites and therefore no 2 player mode is possible. It is completely playable and also too good to be lost!



Something fresh... something new!

In the last months I don't find much time to work on bigger projects or to continue working on started ones but in the past I have worked on some game ideas... one of these concepts I want to share with you because it's too good to be lost.


- super smooth, 50fps, no tearing
- some popping tiles in the border area which can probably be avoided by clever level design or optimization
- no car physics or collision detection, I was only interested in the look and feel, not the playability
- the tiles have a size of 32x32 pixel and the map currently is made of 128x128 tiles... this results in a map size of 4096x4096pixel.

If i remember correctly, the technical side is pretty simple once you figure out how to organize everything.




NGFX Soundbuilder ReAdd

- added 'ADPCM_MUTE' & 'ADPCM_SET_MAX_VOL' [NeoHomeBrew]
- added 'NAME ARRAY' [NeoHomeBrew]
- added 16MB VSize option for PCM & MaxPCM [totologic]
- added 'CDDA_STOP' in Z80 Startup because most comercial games forces an Z80Reset when dealing with 'USER_REQUEST' & Co.

NGFX Soundbuilder

Due to several requests, here come a new build with the 32mb option enabled. These changes only apply to the GUI, the Z80 core remains unchanged. Furthermore I added some text about the license/usage of the data generated by the NGFX soundbuilder.

No other changes!


Another Intro for NGCD.. just 3494Bytes, it's called "Subspecies unfinished"

- just one lopped effect
- variable 3d model
- deep shaded lines
- lights
- particles
- simple sound-engine
- should run on Top- and Frontloader but not on CDZ




No Neo - No Party!

Have you ever thought about what you can do with only 4096 bytes? Here is our suggestion with 3744 bytes... the first ever 4KB intro for the NeoGeoCD, released in Revision 2019! It's called: No Neo - No Party!




Does anyone remember my first game for the NeoGeo? It was called NEO*NO*PANEPON, later I ported an extended version under the name NEO*PUZZLE*LEAGUE to the NeoGeoCD which was also very unfinished.

To finally finish the last stand of the project and to publish a full-fledged game I started my own page on

My first post is a short video about the current status of 'ネオのパネポン 2 - SunnyLand Edition' (NEO*NO*PANEPON*2 with the subtitle 'SunnyLand Edition' because of the great graphic-pack I use).

I hope for many interested supporters... please spread this news.


BlutEngel 2018 Fix

Originally developed for NeoGeoCD... but the cart version had some bugs because of the missing possibility to test it fast and cheap on real hardware... after 12 years (and thanks to NeoSD)... finally the MVS/AES-fix.

  • greenish graphic fixed
  • Sound now works 
  • only available as *.neo file (neoSD), extract the original files if you want them.


CRC32 D2C40244
MD5 a1eeca5fac3e1e0f8f50be12b5282caf
SHA1 a3888dd1ff9168339afa58f7823c4944043678e0
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